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Our Refund Policy



  • Zelalem Koli

    On 4/14/23, I signed for seven days free trial. Today is 4/18/23 and I don’t want to subscription.
    Pls cancel the subscription immediately as of4/18/2023. Thanks

  • April R.

    So this is what companies do? I see several comments in here about the fee it says it will charge and then charging over $100. The free 7 day trial isn’t as transparent as it should be. I was charged $149 anyway and there is no refund after canceling before the trial period. Make you money, TruckerPath! Or should I say steal peoples money.

  • Abenet woldemeskel

    Charged me $163 without me knowing..this's fraud

  • Michael Keinath

    I also signed up for the free 7 day trial and then $29.99/mo and was billed for the six month plan of $149.99.  I can't figure out how to use the GPS even.  And I couldn't cancel it because I couldn't figure out how to do it until I searched and searched online and finally found an email and sent you an email.  Please refund the full amount!  Or at least the $120 extra I was charged.

  • 1qwt312D64Wr7

    It said 29.99 and the u charged me 166 dollars

  • Boddie Little

    I agreed to $8.99,but u charged my account $164.99,are you all serious? That's 3rd degree Robbery

  • derrien fuller

    This app is a piece of trash‼️ You should refund everyone and try again.

  • Eric Franklin

    Really no refunds when I only authorized $29.99 a month not $299 a month


    You charged me $159 and I thought it was going to be $8.30 a month. I see an above comment that says $29.99. I'll tell you what, I'd be willing to pay that for this month and then uninstall your APP and be done with this shady business. Please don't think that we don't have any recourse. This is not a threat, it's a fact. You need to start doing straight business. Please don't act like these are just rare mistakes. This is obviously the way you do business. It will catch up to you if you don't start doing straight and honest transactions and resolving your "mistakes".


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